Gas Flap Hood

byJeff Cooke 3 March 2018

My DeLorean cam with a grooved hood.  To refill the tank with gas (petrol) it was necessary to lift the hood (bonnet) and access the gas cap. The first DeLoreans in production had a special small flap in the hood right over the gas cap, so that the driver could just flip up the flap to access the gap cap and refill the tank.  For some reason (IIRC reportedly to do with production problems producing hoods with flaps that didn't kink) DeLorean removed the gas flap.

While I didn't expect it, I got the opportortunity to buy/swap my non-gas flap for a gas flap hood from a car bought by a BTTF converter (interesting aside : the DeLoreans used in the Back to the Future movie were non-gas flap hood cars, however on some of the artwork associated with the movie gas flaps appear.)

Gas Flap Swap  

This is a picture of me and a helper removing the gas flap hood from the donar car.

The gas flap solves an specific problem for the TesLorean.  In conversions of classic cars to electric, there is always the need to locate the charging port (where to plug in).  The non-gas flap hood would have meant either leaving the hood open while charging or finding another location for the charge port.  The electric DeLorean made by DMC Houston placed the charge port behind the front grill, which pivoted out of the way.  With the gas flap hood the TesLorean will have the charge port located at the gas flap meaning the hood can be secure if the car is charging in public (also important because the front trunk area will contain high voltage systems).