Trip Computer

byJeff Cooke 23 August 2019

The trip computer is probably the most important of the controllers in the TesLorean (and there are a lot of controllers).  The trip computer coordinates activity between the other controllers entirely by CAN messages.  The touch screen display of the trip computer is located in the center console in the location occupied by the center air vents (my vents already moved to the kneepads) and the radio (so just above the AC panel).

The trip computer has a number of jobs...

  1. Interface with the PowerKey Pro (gear selection, cruise control, charging)
  2. Interface with the Drive Unit controller
  3. Interface with the Thermal Control Module (request heating/cooling during charging)
  4. Interface with the Battery Control Module and the Charger Controller
  5. Sends data to the Instrument Cluster

Here's a video demonstrating the operation of the Trip Computer (out of the car)  

Completing the trip computer is a key step on the road to demonstrating and testing the integrated car systems (drive unit, control panels, thermal management, and charging).