Social Media

There is a ton of support online for the TesLorean project – whether its just a cool project, or interested in the technical details, or generally interesting in weird and unusual things.  To support the interest level, I’ll be posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that people can stay up-to-date on the project.

Click on the social media site icon to be linked to TesLorean media…

Facebook Logo You can follow the TesLorean Project page for updates on project milestones and cool pictures.
Twitter Logo Regular tweets – more than anything demonstrating why these types of projects take so long. Its the journey, not the destination. No pictures of what I had for dinner – I promise.
Instagram Logo I’ll post as many HQ photos as I can on Instagram of all the gory details of DeLorean rebuilding, E conversion, and Tesla parts hacking. This is as much for me as it is for you. One thing I’ve learn rebuilding the DeLorean – you can never take enough photos from enough angles.