Received new CANbus kit

Received new CANbus kit

In order to operate at the CANbus speeds necessary for Tesla CAN and to take advantage of configured SavvyCAN software, I ordered the CANKit from The kit comes with an Arduino Due and a shield made by EVTV to provide convenient connections to a CANbus network. It can link to two CANbus networks simultaneously and receive and send CAN messages onto the bus. The shield provides dip switches to include or not 120 ohms terminal resistance as needed for the devices being connected to.

The Arduino Due shield is a 3.3v device and so I’m upgrading my benchtop power supply to provide 3.3v and 12v service. The LEPA 1600w power supply can provide up to 30 amps at 12v and will make it possible to bench test demanding devices like the Bosch iBooster and Electric Power Steering Assist.

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  1. 9 to 16 volt input is all that is necessary to power this Due and shield. You do not need an external 3.3v supply. There are 5v and 3.3v regulators on the Due. And those voltages are shared with the shield.

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