Ready for frame-body separation

Ready for frame-body separation

A key step in the conversion from Internal Combustion Engine to Electric is the removal of the original Engine and rear-fascia-removed-6311Transmission. ┬áThis can be done without separating the DeLorean body and frame (upper and lower halves of the car), but since I’ll be refurbishing the entire frame, it was worth getting them separated to get to parts of the frame that are inaccessible otherwise.

Separating the frame and body also allows replacement or rebuilt brake lines, coolant lines (if needed), electric runs, etc.

Once the frame (suspension, steering, structure) is free, it will be much easier to remove the engine & transmission, and to position the Tesla motor, measure for drive axles, motor mounts, etc.  Technically the positioning of the motor may sit in front of the ear axle, which would technically convert the DeLorean from rear to mid-engine (if you ignore the weight and positioning of the batteries).



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  1. Where are you thinking of putting the batteries? Are you using the Model S flat-pack or modules, or something else? I’ve read of a few folks using Chevy Volt packs with Tesla motors.

  2. The Volt pack looks like a good option. I was just making some measurements this weekend and it looks like the Chevy pack, once split into the 3 main parts will fit within space available in the DeLorean. Only kicker is range.

      1. I have, mostly for aesthetic fun. The trailer of course would need to look DeLorean in design, stainless, wheel design, etc. There are several examples of DeLoreans with trailers made out of other DeLoreans (one made from the front & axle, and another made from the rear & axle with the distinctive tail lights). If I had a choice between batteries and a generator on the trailer, I think I’d opt for a generator, considering expense and flexibility.

        Whatever the initial battery design turns out to be, I fully expect to rebuild the battery pack with new options as car manufacturers create more options (space, config, voltage, and capacity). It might start out with a Volt battery, but it could likely end up with something completely different. I like the BMW i3 battery design (but the capacity is still too low), and the new Bolt battery module could be promising (although at 900lbs!).

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