I'm well past the stage of considering "Am I crazy to have taken this on?", obviously concluding "Yes, you were".  Of course this kind of project is a journey, and it is turning out to be quite the journey.  Much of that journey has been about learning.  During the past few years I've learned about CANbus, Welding, suspension engineering, high voltage switching systems, electronic motors/inverters.  Some of what I knew from working on ICE (engined) cars was useful, but there was so much to learn not just about how electric cars work, but also how to fabricate custom parts.
One good way I've found to keep me pointed in the right direction while I chase 100 problems related to constructing the car is with MindMaps.  For me MindMaps are more like easily edited hierarchical lists.  I use the open-source program FreeMind.  Below I've included a number of FreeMind mindmaps that document project status, work items, and system design questions.  I'll update these from time-to-time to provide some insight into the project status and progress.
Current Work Items
  • Tesla 10kW Charger controller testing
  • Motor/HSR controller testing
  • GitHub repository building

Upcoming Work Items

  • Quaiffe limited slip differential fitting (from Zero-EV.co.uk)
  • Battery mounts and box modifications