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The TesLorean project could not happen without the reference information, technical assistance and general motivating power of the DeLorean, EV Conversion, and Tesla communities.

Click on the icon’s below to go directly to the “TesLorean” thread on the respective forum.  While you’re there browse around and see the existing things people are doing in the EV communities.

DMC Talk Logo DMCTalk is the premier online forum for all things DMC-12 related. The DeLorean company only produced a single model, the DMC-12, and not long after the company’s demise owners started to band together to figure out how to fix and maintain their cars. DMCTalk is a longstanding community with a large amount of reference information and knowledgeable vendors and enthusiasts.
DIY Electric Car Logo DIY Electric Car is a very diverse community of experienced and new enthusiasts converting ICE (internal combustion engine) cars and motorbikes to electric. Some very eccentric and exciting projects. Sub-groups work on very advanced electric and motor control projects.
Tesla Motors Club Logo The Tesla Motors Club is a forum supporting both Tesla owners, soon to be owners, and want-to-be owners of all the Tesla models (all 4 – including Model 3). Sections of the forum address various Tesla technologies – both figuring out how they work and making them do things Tesla never intended.